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December 2008 ITC PSPD Unit Bhadrachalam Disc Filter

Arjun Technologies continued its long standing association with M/s ITC Ltd., PSPD, Sarapaka, A P. by retrofitting/upgrading its 2nd hand SHERBROOKE QAE Poly Disc Filter, that came with the imported 2nd hand Paper Machine.
This Disc Filter is for backwater clarification and fibre recovery application of ITC’s newest 350tpd imported 2nd hand Fine Paper Machine PM6.
The retrofit was a major overhaul with filtrate vacuum valve and Disc segments being replaced with the newest design components. Also the inlet chamber and shower systems were modified. The retrofitted disc filter has since then been successfully commissioned and the customer has reported immense benefits both capcitywise as well as output qualitywise.

December 2008 Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd Hot Dispersion System

Arjun technologies recently finalised an order for Hot Dispersion System with M/S Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd. SKPMIL situated in Keshwana, near Jaipur in Rajasthan is one of the growing names in quality Newsprint and Writing & Printing Paper manufacturing sector. The newly ordered system is for treating SKPMIL’s DIP furnish and is aimed at enhancing its already high quality standards even further. The system is for 120tpd capacity and includes provisions for a dual bleaching sequence. We are very proud to say that this has followed SKPMIL’s recent order of Arjun Poly Disc Filter as well KL-ATIL DIP plant supplied earlier and shows the confidence level the customer has in ATIL’s engineering capabilities.

December 2008 Arjun Technologies ties up with Toscotec  

TOSCOTEC- your partner for innovations:

“Arjun technologies having established their credentials in Waste Paper treatment plants, Stock Preparation, CAP & CCK and Finishing House equipment, working in tandem with the likes of K Lamort, ABB-Cellier, E.C.H. Will, Pemco, K Johnson, B Solaronics, Horst Sprenger, who are world leaders in their respective fields, now enters the Tissue Machine arena after having signing an agreement with Toscotec, Italy for supply of Tissue Machines to the Indian Paper Industry. With technical collaboration with Toscotec, we can also take up rebuild and up gradation of  Tissue Paper Machine to bring in state of the art technology. Toscotec has many innovative technological solutions in the Paper Machine area like Steel Yankee Dryer which gives 30% higher evaporation rate, TT short former which can increase the quality and productivity by offering an affordable up gradation to existing Cylinder Mould machines, to name a few.

April 2008 Praj Industries  Ltd Ligno cellulose Digester System

Arjun technologies recently finalised an order for Ligno Cellulose Digester System with M/s Praj Industries Limited, Pune India.

This is a Pilot Cellulose Digestion System and the cellulose exiting the system is used for the manufacture of Bio Ethanol. The system comprises of Plug Screw,  Infeeder, Continuous digester, blow chamber and Blow Tank.

We are very proud to be associated with PIL in this project, which shows the good faith customer has bestowed upon ATIL.

April 2008 Lohia Paper& Boards Ltd Hot Dispersion system

Arjun technologies recently finalised an order for Hot Dispersion System with M/s Lohia Papers & Board Limited, India.
The newly ordered system is for treating De-inked Stock of Imported Sorted Office waste and Local waste for producing writing and printing grades of pulp. The system is for 95 tpd capacity and includes a full-fledged pressurised hot dispersion system from Screw Press, Plug Screw, Shredder, Heating Screw, In-feeder and finally to Arjun Disperser AD-600.
We are very proud to be associated with LPBL in this project, which shows the good faith customer has bestowed upon ATIL

May 2008

Arjun technologies continue to enjoy their supremacy in DISC FILTERS


Arjun technologies continue to enjoy their supremacy in DISC FILTERS by getting repeat orders recently from reputed clients like J K Paper, APPM and Khanna Paper for both fibre recovery and thickening applications. In collaboration with Kadant Lamort, Arjun manufactures disc filters indigenously and have sold over 65 of them during the last 4 years, placing their nearest competitors far behind , which is a testimony of the high level of performance and the confidence bestowed on them by their customers


July 2008

West Coast Paper Mills Ltd., Dandeli

Coating Color Kitchen and Wet End Preparation System.

Arjun alongwith their associate M/s ABB France  would be supplying to M/s West Coast Paper Mills the complete Coating Color Kitchen, Size kitchen & final station for their PM-6 project. WCPM has started erecting of new Paper machine PM-6 project of capacity 500 TPD.  This is one more big order in the coating colour kitchen segment in Indian paper industry. Arjun would be manufacturing all the tanks, agitators and shells of the mixers along with supplying the services for erecting supervision while ABB will be supplying key equipment along with the basic engineering & detailed engineering. ABB would also be supplying the PAPCEL software

June 2008

Saber Paper Ltd

200 TPD Deinking Line

Arjun tech and Kadant Lamort have jointly got an order from Saber papers Limited, who are putting up a 200 TPD green field paper project in Himachal Pradesh for manufacture of fine quality writing and printing grades of paper including copier and surface sized grades. The supply from Arjun and Kadant lamort will include the complete process equipment for a 200 TPD Deinking plant, set to produce high quality Deinkind pulp of brightnesss upto 84 Deg ISO. The system comprises the complete line with high density pulping, coarse `and fine screening, cleaning, two stages of flotation, kneading, dispersing and a washing stage that that can be operated depending on the quality demand of the end product. While the basic engineering will be from kadant lamort, Arjun will be doing the detailed engineering for this project, the order for which was won against stiff competition from international players. The delivery of the equipment is slated for march 2009.

April 2008

Fibremarx Papers Limited

110 TPD Deinking Line

Arjun technologies along with its associate M/s Kadant Lamort has bagged an order from Fibremarx  Papers Ltd to supply  4 stages Deinking Mac cells, Horizontal CH7 screens of 0.12 mm slots, Disk Filter -3.7 Mtrs – 10/11 discs & hot dispersion unit for  2nd Loop systems  to enhancing the capacity of the existi8ng line to 110  TPD.

May 2008


Disc Filters

Arjun technologies bagged an order from its Principal M/s Kadant Lamort for supply of two nos  Disk Filters  for pulp thickening for their overseas project.


May 2007

Kohinoor Papers Limited, Kolkata

120 TPD Deinking Line

Kohinoor is setting up a 120 tpd Greenfield Project in Falta Indl Growth Centre, West Bengal. M/s Kadant Lamort in cooperation with Arjun technologies would be supplying a 120 tpd two loop Deinking Line. The entire street comprising of pulping, screening and cleaning, flotation, thickening equipment would be supplied by us. This street includes KRIMA Hot Dispersion System which would be supplied by Cellwood Machinery, Sweden.



November 2007








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