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Coating Color Kitchen :-

Coating is done on Paper & Board to improve the characteristics of Paper like

  • To Improve Optical Properties
    • Brightness
    • Gloss
    • Opacity
  • To Improve Smoothness
  • To Improve Printability
    • Ink Transfer
    • Print Gloss
    • Color Freshness

In Co-operation with ABB Process Industrie,  Division Cellier, we offer state of Art fully Automated Centralised Coating Color Preparation System.

The System broadly comprises of

  • Pigment Make down system
  • Starch cooking system
    • Batch Cooker
    • Wet-end starch inline cooker
  • Filtration
    • Celco-S vibrating screen
    • Filtercel pressure filter system
  • Dispersion system / Blending
  • Mixing / Dispersing
  • Process Inline Mini-Batch
  • Pigging System
  • Dosing & pigging unit
  • Waste coating color recovery System

ABB Cellier is leading system supplier for Coating colour kitchen worldwide. ABB Cellier has strong existence in India, enjoying a market Share of over 80% and having prestigious references like BILT, JKPM, ITC, Khanna.

Infra Red Drying System

We represent Bekaert Solaronics who are the world leaders in the supply of Infra Red Drying systems for drying of coated paper.

Infra Red Drying System

It is essential that we dry the coating to the coat get point as early as possible to avoid coating related issues like Binder migration, coat mottle, coat chapping, etc. Infra Red is the solution for preventing such issues from coming up during the coating process.

Bekaert Solaronics is the largest supplier in the world for supply Gas Fired and Electrically operated Infra Red Drying Systems

We can offer a full range of products and applications like

  • Drying of Coating and Pigmenting solutions
  • Solving issues pertaining to wet edges and moisture profile
  • Improving machine speeds, productivity and quality

Bekaert Solaronics are the world largest suppliers of Infra Red Drying Systems having over 900 References world wide


Gas Fired Infra Red System

Electrically Operated Infra Red Drying System

Rods & Blades :

In Co-operation with M/s Horst Sprenger, we can supply state of the art complete rod metering systems consisting of metering rods ranging from hard chrome plated to ceramic coated and rod beds made of polyurethane or polyethylene suited for any rod coating station or film-presses

We are also supplying blades with high resistant wear coats e.g. chromium oxide, tungsten carbide etc. providing maximum life time. Homogenous layer composition, reproducible geometry, minimum surface roughness and porosity guarantee optimal MD- and CD-profiles.


Combi system





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