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Effluent Treatment

Effluent clarification

Rejects & Sludge dewatering & compacting


Micro Filters

With Fresh water intake in process industries becoming more and more difficult. Clarifications and re-use of process water has become the need of hour. Micro Filters can address your water clarification needs.




ATIL Water Clarifications finds application in

1.   Raw Water Treatment

2.   Fibre Recovery Save All

3.   Polishing Application to existing Fibre Recovery Save All

4.   Effluent Treatment Clarifier

Micro Filters installations in India include Global Boards, South India Papers, Saraswathi Udyog, etc…

Disc Filters

Disc Filters has its application in

1.    Pulp Thickening and

2.    Fibre recovery save all Application


The LaDif has been developed together by M/s Arjun Technologies & Kadant Lamort with focus on key issues like process solutions, mechanical Strength, environmental thinking and water re-use

We offer disc filters of 3.7 m dia and 5.2 m dia with no of discs ranging from 3 to 20 discs per filter. The benefits of our disc filters are

1.    High Clarity of Filtrates

2.    Low internal volume

3.    High Vacuum

4.    Good Mechanical resilience


Arjun has supplied over 45 discs filters in India, some of our prestigious clients being ITC, Ballarpur, JK Paper, Khanna, etc..

Sludge Handling and Reject Handling Systems


Sludge from the water clarifier as well as rejects from the various cleaning and screening stages are stored in a sludge chest. A pump extracts the sludge and pumps it through a static mixer where it is blended with a coagulant before being pressed on a belt press.

The sludge press is equipped with a gravity-dewatering table to increase the consistency of sludge from an expected 2 or 3 % to 6 % before it is fed to the press.

Pressed water is recycled to the clarifier whereas pressed sludge at consistency of 25-30% is conveyed by means of reversible screw conveyors to sludge bins.

We can offer a Reject Handling system for handling the rejects from the Poire, High Density cleaners and from the coarse and fine screens.




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