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PID - Schematic drawing of the plant with equipment, pumps, tanks, piping, valves, instruments and control loops required by the process.


Configuration of the circuits, the main control and interlocking features.


  1. Hydraulic and balance of the plant, consumption of process fluids and utilities.
  2. Indication of pipe diameters, valve types, tank capacities, pump flows and heads.
  3. The elements of the flow sheet will be identified and itemized for
    • Main equipment and accessories.
    • Pumps
    • Tanks
    • Motors
    • Valves and accessories



  1. Plan and elevation layout drawing with location of equipment at various sections.
  2. Civil guide drawings showing the foundation blocks with anchoring points with static and dynamic loads.
  3. Guide drawings, identifying space requirements for operation and maintenance.
  1. Plan and elevation layout drawings with location of equipment process connection at various sections and levels.
  2. Isometric drawings of piping systems identifying with valves, accessories and instruments and meters.
  3. Listing of piping materials such as pipes, fittings and fasteners.



  • Specification data for sensors, transmitters, control valves required by the process are shown on the flow sheet.
  • Detailed interlocking of logic and line grafcet.
  • Set points and specific parameters.
  • Graphic suggestions.
  • Diagram of control loops.
  • Cable routing, scheduling & termination details.
  • Instrument air network distribution and routing.
  • Drawings of pneumatic panels and local control panels.
  • List of instrumentation accessories such as cables, cable trays, pneumatic tubings and erection materials.
  • Drawings and list for MCC, Sub MCC, distribution panels, etc.
  • Cables schedule, ferruling and termination details.
  • List of electrical accessories such as cables, cable trays, tubes, erection materials etc.


The services provided by ATIL cover a wide spectrum, including pre-project activities, design engineering, procurement assistance, project management and co-ordination, inspection and expediting, engineering supervision and commissioning assistance. During the last decade, ATIL has performed the role of Owner's Engineer, Lender's Engineer besides its traditional role of Detailed Engineering Consultant.

ATIL has on its rolls more than 30 highly qualified and experienced professionals

ATIL has executed more than 30 projects in India, South Asia, South-East Asia, the Middle East,. These include projects funded by multinational funding institutions like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc. and a bilateral funding institution like Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF).

We also conduct audit for Energy, water, screening, etc.,




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