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We represent E.C.H. Will and Pemco, in India. E.C.H. Will along with Pemco manufacture machines for paper cutting & finishing. As market leaders and with an installed machine base of more than 450 cut-size lines worldwide, E.C.H. Will has more than 85% market share in India.

Cut size Sheeting :

E.C.H. Will is the market leader for A-4 cut size machines. This machine is available in 2 to 16 pockets.


Model                          No. Of Pockets

SLK Procut                  2-6     Pockets Machine

SLK 490                      7-10   Pockets Machine

SLK 470                      11-16 Pockets Cut size






Pemco - Model 32 VERSATILE Ream Wrapper

Production Speed:
Up to 80 reams per minute 

Pemco - Model 390

Maximum Production Speed:
Up to 140 Reams per minute



Pemco - Model 33  

Production Speed

upto 120 reams per minute(A4)
upto 75 reams per minute(A3)


Ream inspection system

Production speed :
upto 140 reams per minute

Stacker Accumulator

Pemco Model 137 - Ream Stacking / Accumulating

Production Speed

30 - 150 reams/min.

Stacking of the wrapped reams ready for case packing

Storage in case of a stop/ jam in downstream units

Non-stop order change

Case Packing Systems

Pemco Model 162 - Case Packing

Production Speed:

Single Stack - up to 30 cases per minute
Double Stack - up to 17 cases per minute

TNPL, Khanna, BILT Ashti, JKPM, Century, JKCPM, BILT Sewa, APPM,

Pemco Model 163 - Case Packer
Production Speed : Single stack; upto 20 cases per minute.

Folio Size Sheeting :

E.C.H. Will & Pemco provide a wide range of folio-size sheeters capable of handling all commercial types of paper and board.

E.C.H. Will:-          FS & GFS PRO

FS Folio Sheeter equipped with

Production Speed : 410m/min
mark-free sheeting
with PRO technology




SHM :- 1450/ 1650 Dual Rotary Sheeters
SHM Digicut  


Sheets for digital sizes
One Sheet for different sizes, materials and purposes

Foliosize Wrapping:

Model:- WRAPMATIC GREC (Grandi Risme Easy Compact) – Folio-size ream wrapper


Production speed

up to 6 reams/min.
up to 8 reams/min. (optional)


GREC CT (Grandi Risme Easy Compact Carton Telescopic) – Folio-size case packer

 Production speed

up to 3 cartons/min. (up to 5 push each ream)

Model:- GRM (Grandi Risme Modulare) – Folio-size ream wrapper

Production speed

17 reams/min.





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