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Testing Equipment

Master screen  
Pulmac’s Master Screen is a low consistency screening device designed to mechanically separate contaminants such as shives, dirt, and/or stickies from fibre. After screening, contaminants are washed directly onto an 8"/20 cm filter paper and water is removed by the Auto Filter’s vacuum-assist drain system. The R number represents the value of the contaminants rejected by the screen plate and is measured by weight , ppm, or mm2/M2.
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The Master Screen provides a rapid and repeatable method for concentrating and collecting shives, stickies and/or dirt. For shives, it allows you to pinpoint problems that occur in areas such as digesters,
cleaners, refiners, grinders and screens. For stickies, it allows you to pinpoint problems that occur in repulpers, cleaners, and screens. This data will allow you to reduce the frequency of dirt, shives or
stickies in the final product, leading to improved process efficiency.




• CE compliant
• Conforms to TAPPI T274 sp04 Laboratory Screening of Pulp
• Will screen up to 100 grams (oven dried equivalent)
• Results in 5 to 20 minutes
• Screen plates available from 75 to 250 micron slots
• Auto Filter to rapidly display reject contaminants
• Auto Filter's air mix offers even distribution on an
  8" - 2Ocmfilter paper
• Auto Filter cartridge allows easy removal & replacement
  of filter paper display
• Auto Filter vacuum system removes water automatically
• Feed tank accepts samples up to 100 grams, oven dried
• Feed tank mixer to maintain uniform consistency
• Three distinct test cycles to match sample size
   and screenability


• 30 litres per minute of filtered water
• 3/4 female hose or 1/2 MPT fitting for water supply
• 1 1/2 MPT male fitting and floor drain for waste water
• Single phase, 115 VAC, 20 Amp or 220 VAC 10 Amp,
   50 or 60 Hz
• Compressed air 485 Kpa at 4.72 l/sec
• 1/4" or 6 mm OD Hose for air supply







Zero span  
Pulmac's Zero-Span Tester offers an automated zero and short span testing capability. Once the sample handsheets or strip is loaded onto the feed tray, 24 wet/dry, zero/short span tests are
executed during a five minute testing sequence. Following termination of the testing sequence, test results automatically update a local and network database. The Zero-Span database can be selectively recalled for printing, onscreen display, or export to a database or spreadsheet program. The Zero-Span Tester is calibrated and control software is loaded as part of in-factory system integration.
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Pulmac Inc’s Zero-Span Tester can effectively define pulp strength. With systematic sampling and testing, fibre quality numbers generated by the Zero- Span Tester will alert mill monitors to creeping process changes before pulp quality deteriorates beyond acceptable limits. Automated zero-span testing will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it in order to keep your production running smoothly and your customers happy. Direct improvements to your productivity can include reducing downgraded pulp, penalty payments, and warehousing costs, all the while improving communication links.

Once loaded the Zero-Span Tester will perform 24 wet/dry zero and/or short span tests and automatically compile the results in a local database. Also available in a manually-operated version.
The system can be configured to automatically update a network database. Pulmac fibre quality numbers are sensitive to changes in fibre strength, length, and bonding potential and, for machinemade
paper, fibre alignment.


• Rugged Meehanite casting for ultra stability
• Clamping surfaces are manufactured from rustproof, superhard (+65 Rockwell), machine tool material.
• Electronic operator interface
• Operator and maintainer tool kits



• Password-protected system manager access to set-up menus
• Output data to external storage device, LAN file, printer, or screen.
• Custom data dictionary
• Custom rogue data reject setting








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