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Arjun has developed a complete automated Horizontal Baler for compacting the recycled waste in the form of Usable Raw material, such as

  • Trim Paper, Filter Paper, Color Paper & Card Boards
  • PET Bottles and Cans
  • Plastic Scraps
  • Cotton and Cotton Waste

We offer the automatic machines from 75 TPD upto 300 to 400 TPD.

We also offer vertical manual machines for smaller units customised as per your requirements.


The Baler is used to compact loose material to pre – defined sizes, in order to ease the operation of weighing, handling & transportation.

  • The material is loaded into the machine using a conveyor

  • The waste material is then compressed by means of a pre- press flap and a horizontal acting ram.

  • An automatic wire tying and twisting and cutting unit then wraps the bale.

  • The entire process can be automatically controlled through the SCADA system which helps you set up your machine as per your requirements.


  • Customized solution based on your needs
  • A simple machine to convert loose materials into highly compressed bales.

  • Ease of operation
  • Offers good flexibility

  • Reduced manpower costs

  • Attractive Return On Investment








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