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Kadant Johnson
Kadant Johnson is a global leader in the design and application of rotary joints, siphon equipment, dryer drainage systems, Dryer Management Control Systems and related equipment for the dryer section of the paper machine.

Kadant Johnson helps papermakers optimize the dryer section using it’s in depth process knowledge and a total understanding of dryer drainage systems. Supported by a focused R&D commitment and a global sales and service network, Kadant Johnson is the single source for dryer section optimization.
Kadant Johnson provides comprehensive services from equipment supply, system design and integration, installation, to diagnostics and troubleshooting. Kadant Johnson steam Systems can help to pump new life into your paper operations

Kadant Johnson is ably represented in India by Arjun Technologies (I) Ltd, for its Paper business making it easier to get the best services. The list of illustrious customers in India includes ITC Ltd., APPM Ltd., Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd., WCPM Ltd., Rama News Print Ltd., JK Ltd. and Abhishek Inds. Ltd. to name a few and most of them have placed repeat orders which is witness to Kadant Johnson’s level of excellence and commitment in the field of Steam & Condensate system design and equipment.

Take control of dryer section profitability. Let Kadant Johnson boost drying efficiency by upgrading the dryer section of your paper machine and optimizing your steam and condensate system.


Kadant Johnson Systems has entries in

  • Rotary Joints And Siphons

Advanced joint and siphon technology for efficient evacuation of condensate from dryers. Rotary Joints and Siphons carry a mechanical warranty for 24 months from the date of installation, for design, material, manufacturing defects and for service on machine.

  • Turbulator® and De-tune® tube bars

Johnson Turbulator® Tube™ bars create resonant motion in the rimming condensate layer to increase the rate and uniformity of heat transfer. Turbulator® Tube bars are placed inside a drying cylinder to break up the laminar flow of the rimming condensate layer. They promote greater turbulence in the drum at higher speeds there by increasing the heat transfer rates and improving drying efficiency.  The benefits include increased drying capacity, improved moisture profile, increased rate of response to changes in steam pressure, reduced sheet breaks with uniform dryer surface temperature, reduced steam pressures, reduced torque & drive power to rim and reduced speed to rim with a quick installation time.

  • Desuperheaters

Superheat reduces the rate of heat transfer and reduces the lifetime of system and of components such as sealing   materials on valves and rotary joints. Hence a reliable De-Super Heater is very much essential in an steam and condensate system to control the amount of Superheat in the live steam used.


Kadant Johnson provides following services

  • Dryer performance studies (System Audit)

A survey makes it possible to base reasoned decisions on measured facts and figures. We study current dryer performance characteristics like a) Drying efficiency, b) Runnability and machine efficiency, c) Energy efficiency and then compare performance to top industry standards which enables us to use dryer performance indicators for defining improvement benefits

  • Installation and Commissioning assistance

Kadant Johnson provides very much essential & critical installation  and commissioning services for the steam & condensate system. At the time of installation, Kadant Johnson engineers provide supervisory staff with verbal technical training with regard to rotary joint & siphon installation and maintenance procedures for proper installation & trouble free performance of the equipment. A system specialist will help in order to have; a trouble free start-up of the steam system, proper setting of the operating parameters, for efficient and trouble free operation of the steam system consistently, proper understanding of the steam & condensate system operation by the operation crew and provide operator training for the modified steam & condensate system.



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