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Wet Depithing
Digesters for Agro Pulping
• Chemical Pulping
Brown stock washing
• Screening & Cleaning
Chlorine dioxide Plant
Pulp Mill additive Preparation System
• Chemical Recovery


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Bale Breakers
Screens & Cleaners
Chemi washers


Moist Depithing System

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We offer state of Art Bagasse Handling System  &  Moist Depithing systems ensuring High Pith Removal Efficiency and low fibre loss. We offer complete wet depithing systems which include;

1) wet piling of Bagasse,
2) Bagasse washing and cleaning systems
3) Pith removal equipments and
4) Water treatment systems.

1) Stury Design
2) Low Specific Power Consumption


Arjun Technologies (I) Ltd have supplied many systems some of the references being Century Pulp & Paper, Western Bio Systems, Balrampur Chinni, Kesar Enterprises, Warana Sugars, etc..


Arjun Technologies has developed the Moist Depithing System based on International Designs and have supplied numerous systems in India .

Bagasse from the sugar mills is received in Baggasse Bales. These bales are tippled into the Bagasse bale breakers where the bales are broken down to loose bagasse and conveyed to the screw feeders which evenly distribute the bagasse to the depithers. Bagasse contains Pith which needs to be removed from the fibres and we offer state of Art Bagasse Handling System  &  Moist Depithing systems ensuring High Pith Removal Efficiency and low fibre loss.


Wet depithing System

Moist Depithing does not remove pith completely. To get a good quality of baggase fibre, it is essential to wet depith the bagasse. We offer complete wet depithing systems which include;

  • wet piling of Bagasse,
  • Bagasse washing and cleaning systems
  • pith removal equipments and
  • water treatment systems.

Continuous Digester

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Arjun Technologies can supply State of Art continous digesters for cooking of Agro waste.
Customizable systems to handle various Agricultural Residues like

2)Wheat Straw
3)Rice Straw, etc
They could also be used to cook agro waste for the production of Bio-ethanol


The key benefits being
1. better yield
2. low steam consumption
3. uniform pulp quality



Brown Stock De-knotting, Screening, Cleaning & Washing

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In association with M/s Kadant Black Clawson, we offer a state of art Hot Stock De-knotting, Screening , Cleaning & Washing.


1)High De-knotting Efficiency
2)High Debris Removal Efficiency
3)Low dilution Factor
4)High Washing Efficiency
5)High Spent Liquor Concentration

Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills, India




Pulp Mill Chemical Additive Preparation System

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Arjun Technologies can offer a centralized pulp mill chemical additive preparation system for preparation system, comprising of preparation, storage and dosing system for various pulp mill chemicals.
The system supply comprising of :

  • Process Engineering ,
  • Material Handling System ,
  • Mixers ,
  • Filtering systems,
  • Dosing system, etc




Chlorine Dioxide Plants
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In Association with M/s Eka Chemicals ENP Cellchem, We can offer you fully Automated Chlorine di Oxide Plants.Eka is the only company which can offer both the Integrated Process and Non Integrated Process for Generating ClO2. In the Non Integrated Process, we can offer

• Methanol Reduction Based SVP– Lite & SVP Salt Cake Wash Processes
• Hydrogen Peroxide reduction– SVP – HP / HP-A
• Chloride reduction (SVP)
• Integrated chlorate/chlorine systems
• Systems for

o Chlorate Dissolving
o Methanol
o Peroxide
o Sulfuric Acid, etc

  • Low operational cost,
  • Easy to operate,
  • low maintenance cost,
  • High Concn of ClO2


Abhishek Industries. Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills




ENP Cellchem has over 90 Reference world wide with capacities ranging from 1 TPD to 80 TPD, with systems running in India in Mills like Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills, Abhishek Industries, etc..



Bale Breakers

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Arjun Technologies can offer Bale Breakers for both new installations and existing installation. We have many installations in India


Our Bale Breakers consists of a specially designed high speed rotor provided with heavy sturdy impact plates to ensure efficient loosening of the bagasse bales.


Rohit pulp & Paper - BB-033





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Our depithers are manufactured with Internationally proven technology


These depithers are guaranteed for high percentage of separation efficiency of pith from raw bagasse
Vertical Sturdy Design
Lower Specific power consumption
High capacities upto 24 TPH of mill wet bagasse
Easy Maintenance
Uniform feed
Minimum Fibre Damage
Special Quality Hammers for longer running life
Supplied with variable speed screw feeder to ensure constant infeed


Rohit pulp & Paper - BB-033


Primary Knotter - Hy-Tec Knotter

  • Application
  • Benefits
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In Co-operation with M/s Kadant Black Clawson, we can offer you state of art pressurized Knotters.


1) Patented Upflow
   a)DesignEfficient Separation of Knots and Heavy Debris
2) In Flow Pulp Path
  a)Rotating Element is Protected from Tramp Material
  b) Tramp Material is Rejected in Junk Trap
3)Symmetrical Cylinder
  a) Longer Cylinder Life b)Coupled System




Secondary Knotter


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  • Benefits
  • References

In Co-operation with M/s Kadant Black Clawson, we can offer you state of art Hydrascreen


1) Efficient screening – minimum fibre loss
2) Clean and Dry Rejects of Knots and Heavy Debris
3) Totally Enclosed for cleaner operation
4) Low Power Requirements




Screens & Cleaners



Ultra-Tek Screens

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The Black Clawson Ultra Screen features design concepts proven in today's paper industry. It is unsurpassed for performance and reliability in pulp mills, beater rooms, broke systems and paper machine approach flow systems.

  • Heavy debris rejected at bottom, minimizes wear and damage to rotor and cylinder - saves downtime
  • Lightweight debris and air removed at top
  • More efficient - debris in screening zone for less time, minimizes recontamination
  • Lower intel pressure requirements
  • All screen cylinder configurations can be used
  • Cylinders can be inverted to extend wear life.


ITC Kovai





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The Kadant Black Clawson Chemi-Washer® offers a unique, single machine approach to pulp washing

  • Low dilution Factor
  • High Washing Efficiency
  • High Spent Liquor Concentration









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