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Starch Preparation

Starch Preparation for Wet End

• Semi-batch(Jet Cooker)
• Continuous(Jet Cooker)

Starch Preparation for surface Sizing

• Batch
• Semi-batch
• Continuous

Starch Preparation

Starch is the third most important component added in the process of paper making. The main purpose being

  • To improve the internal cohesion (bonding) of the sheet.
  • To increase the retention of the fibers and fines on the machine wire(s).
  • As a binder in the Coating Slip
  • For the process of suface sizing  in Paper

The Process of Starch Preparation involves Starch Powder Handling, Mixing; cooking (which could be either a batch process or a continuous jet cooker), storing, filtering and metering. We can also offer Compact jet cooking system for enzymatic starch conversion.

We supply batch, semi-batch and continuous systems for

  • Wet-end starch
  • surface starch
  • Coating starch cooking.

Also Compact skid mounted jet cooking system is available for enzymatic starch conversion.


  1. Consistent solids & viscosities of cooked starch.
  2. Controlled usage of utilities like steam & electricity.
  3. Lump Free Starch cooking
  4. Contaminat Free Cooked Starch Slurry.


We have supplied many such systems in India some of them being ITC, Ballarpur Industries, etc..

Picture: Batch cooker



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