Pulp & Paper / Stock Preparation

Stock Preparation


Brown Grade Pulping System
De-inking System
Pulping System for Virgin Pulp
Screening Systems and Cleaning systems
• De-inking Additive preparation system
Kneading & Hot Disperging system
• Process Automation
• De-inking Sludge Handling System


Waste Paper Baling Equipment
• Disc Filter for Pulp Thickening (and Screw Press)
• Drum Thickener for Pulp Thickening
• Pulpers
• Screens
• Cleaners
• Stock Agitators
• Refiners ( KBC has refiners also)
• DAF units for Water Clarification

Brown Fibre Recycling System

Brown Fibre Recyling is the process of  Pulping, Screening and cleaning of secondary brown fibres like Old Corrugated Cuttings, Kraft Carrier Boards, etc..

In association with Kadant Black Clawson who have a worldwide reputation for expertise in brown fiber recycling, we offer a complete line of equipment from the pulper to the final thickener for processing OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) and mixed waste. KBC experience and innovation combine to give you the latest technology in tough, proven designs.

Our in-depth process and applications knowledge offers extensive applications support. Let us assist you in designing a new system or upgrading your current system.
With KBC experience and innovation, we can offer  the latest technology and assist you in designing a state of art OCC Processing Line or upgrade your existing system.


The System based on your specific need could comprise of

  • Continuous Pulping and Detrashing
  • High Consistency Pulping and Detrashing
  • High Density and Medium Density Cleaning
  • Coarse Screening
  • Fine Screening
  • Centricleaning
  • Fractionation with slots or holes
  • Washing to remove fines
  • Thickening
  • Fiber Recovery
  • Reject Handling

Kadant caters more than 60% of the global market in the field of Brown Fibre Recycling

De-Inking system

De-inking is the process of removal of ink particles and contraries from secondary fibres like Coated Book Stock, Sorted Office Packed, Mixed Office Waste, etc.

In Co-operation with Kadant Lamort we offer complete deinking systems in a variety of designs to meet your specific needs keeping in mind Raw Material furnish characteristics, quality requirements of the final pulp, system yield, water management, power consumption and other factors.A typical Block diagram for converting Secondary Fibre to De-inked pulp is shown below


For meeting all your deinking and white fiber recycling needs, You can count on our experience and high-performance equipment

  • Pulpers
  • Screens
  • Flotation / Deinking Cells
  • Cleaners
  • Pulp Thickening Equipments
  • Washers
  • Kneaders
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

In association with Kadant Lamort, worldwide leaders in Waste Paper Recycling and De-inking Systems, we have supplied over 40 systems in India.

Pulping System for Virgin Pulp

In association with Kadant Lamort, worldwide leaders in Pulping ,Recycling and De-inking Systems, we offer a complete pulping system for processing virgin pulp .
With Kadant’s experience and innovation, we can offer  the latest technology and assist you in designing a state of art Virgin Pulping Systems.

The System based on your specific need could comprise of;

    • Continuous Pulping and Detrashing
    • High Consistency Pulping and Detrashing
    • High Density Cleaning
    • Thickening
    • Refining

    Screening & Cleaning System  

    SP Screens

    Screening is one of the key steps in the stock preparation process to remove contaminants, but also a required action to improve the sheet cleanliness and formation for the approach flow applications.




    In association with M/s Kadant Lamort; worldwide leaders and having expertise in secondary fibre recycling, we offer the complete screening and Cleaning system for both green field projects and existing lines too. Kadant is in a position to design the most appropriate screen for any need regarding both stock preparation and approach flow applications.
    With the ID2 and ID3 new patented concepts for screening, Kadant is also bringing a revolutionary new approach to the market. This new approach includes a soaring retrofit activity, adapting old existing screens to the most demanding technical conditions.

    Screening can have several positions in the process and operate at various consistencies.


    Among them, we may have:

    • Stickies and specs removal
    • Plastics and large impurity removal
    • De-flaking and de-flocculation
    • Fractionation between long and short fibers
    • Protection of downstream equipment
    • Avoiding pulsation's
    • High efficiency with low fibre loss s

    With Kadant we can offer a Gamut of Screens like

    Centripetal screening
    Centrifugal screening
    Multi zone centrifugal screening
    Discontinuous or continuous tailing screening

    In India we have over 100 screens running successfully.



    Most contaminants have a density which is higher than fibre, including many stickies, most black specs and sands while other particles have a density similar to fibre, but a larger size which makes them easy to separate through centrifugal force. This is the reason why cleaning is a key required strategic step in any secondary fiber line.
    In Co-operation with Kadant, we can offer state of Art Centricleaning Systems.


    • Specs and sand removal in secondary fiber lines
    • Stickies removal
    • Approach flow for improved paper machine protection and runnability for both secondary and virgin fibre lines

    Benefits of Cleaning;

    • Improved efficiency and reduced power consumption
    • Less wear
    • Excellent large ink removal for the models designed for de inking lines
    • Virtually sand free accepts

    Kneading & Hot Dispersion

    Thickened pulp is discharged at 12% from the disk filter and conveyed to a screw press where it is dewatered to a consistency of 28-30% .The thickened Stock is introduced into a drum casing and is pushed by a screw into the kneading area. Stock is forced to pass through a limited clearance created by stationary fingers fixed in the casing, and mobile fingers fixed on a rotating shaft. A counter pressure is created by a pneumatically actuated flap which permits precision adjustment of the kneading effect.



    • Specks dispersion
    • Complementary ink detachment for 2 loop de inking lines
    • Stickies dispersion
    • Oxidative bleaching mixing 



    • Excellent dispersion effect
    • Limited maintenance
    • Very high runnability
    • Not detrimental to fibres (no cutting effect)
    • Optimal use of power
    • Excellent for ink detachment (low speed and high friction, no attrition)
    • The best known mixer for bleaching due to high friction

    In Association with Kadant Lamort we have supplied over 25 Kneading and Hot Dispersion systems in India.



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